Delivering Smiles Fresh out of the Box

Words and photos from Jared Box recipients show what the gift of play means for these children.


My name is Silas and this little gift made a cruddy day not so cruddy!

My family and I thank you so very much!

God Bless

“Ear tubes were a success, and being gifted with a Jared Box made the visit extra special (and emotional). Jared was my backyard flashlight tag buddy 21 years ago and The Jared Box Project has always been in my heart.

It took on a whole new meaning today.”

Alaina C

Even more smiles…

Monday night, my 4 year old son was rushed to the ER for an unknown (at that time) cashew allergy. Having no experience with allergies myself, I learned quite quickly that anaphylaxis is an extremely serious thing that requires several different (and rushed) courses of action.

My poor little guy was hysterical through an epi shot, getting an IV placed, wearing an oxygen mask, and having various beeping machines hooked up to him.
But when they brought in The Jared Box, he (and I) nearly forgot about all of the scary things that were happening.

He called it a ‘prize box’ and reveled at all of the new treats that were in it, for him to keep. He squeezed the included teddy-bear the entire time and I know the sense of comfort it gave him. I am just floored at the graciousness of this project and the good-hearted children that got it started.

Hopefully this is one of many, many thank you letters you get but here’s one more for your portfolio! To all of the people that are involved in making this happen-

THANK YOU from a very grateful Mother!!

God Bless!

Elizabeth D

How can I ever thank you for your generosity, your love for children, and your big, big hearts!

The Jared Boxes are phenomenal! I was so overwhelmed by the amazing assortment of items!

Our patients (and their families) are so grateful and faces of the little ones turn from frowns to smiles!

Thank you again!

Patricia M, Coordinator

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