How many items should be put in a Jared Box? What are some ideas of items to put in a Jared Box?

There are not a set number of items. We usually suggest that you just “fill the boxes to the top.” See our suggested toy list.

Where do I take my Jared Boxes?

The Jared Box Project is a ‘give-local’ idea. The Jared Boxes you make will put smiles on the faces of the children in your local community. You make Jared Boxes to donate to a hospital in your town.

May I take my Jared Box to a hospital that is not listed in your directory?

Yes. The Hospital Directory lists those hospitals that have received Jared Boxes. As the project grows, we continually add new hospitals. If you choose a hospital not already listed, please send an email to with the name of that hospital so we can add it to our directory.

Does my group have to use the labels from the website?

If you are not able to print standard labels, you can print the labels on regular paper, cut them out and tape them to your box. In addition, you could use blank mailing labels and write the age group on each label.

Where do I get the plastic storage boxes?

The plastic storage boxes are sold at most department stores such as Walmart, Target, Dollar Stores, etc. The boxes are inexpensive and are most often found in housewares departments.

Can I ask businesses for donations?

Yes, you can ask businesses if they would like to donate supplies for your group’s Jared Box Project using our “Request for Donation” letter. Many businesses are very supportive of this project. A small donation of toys goes a long way in making Jared Boxes.

Do you accept donations directly from businesses?

Yes. The Jared Box Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations made by businesses are tax deductible. If you need a copy of our tax letter to confirm our 501(c)(3) status, send email to

Do you offer Sponsorship Opportunities?

Yes. See our “Sponsorship Opportunities” for details. Sponsors create smiles!

Do you have tips for organizing a Jared Box group project?

Yes. Making Jared Boxes is a great community service project for groups. See our “Tips for Organizing a Group Project.”

Can you organize a Jared Box event for my company?

Yes. We offer a turn-key Jared Box event package. This is a great way for companies to support their communities at conferences or at team building events. We will come to your location, present information about Jared Boxes, provide all supplies needed to create the boxes and will even deliver your completed Jared Boxes to your local hospital. See our “Jared Box Team building Event” to learn more.

Is there anything that should not be put in Jared Boxes?

Due to allergies and infection control guidelines, food could be harmful to sick children and is not permitted in Jared Boxes. Hospitals have also requested that previously used items not be put in Jared Boxes.

Where do I buy the toys for the boxes?

Supplies for your boxes may be purchased in just about any store. Many groups have found that Dollar stores are great places to find inexpensive, fun toys!

Should we decorate the outside of the Jared Boxes?

Yes, decorating the boxes makes them even more fun! Stickers are great for this.


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