Making a Jared Box is fun and easy!

Watch the video or read through the steps below to get started.

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step 1 – Get A Box

Get a shoebox-sized plastic storage box. Like this one from Walmart.

step 2 – Choose for a Boy or Girl

Decide if the box you are making is for a boy or a girl and select an age group. If the box could be for either a boy or girl, check both the Boy and Girl boxes.

step 3 – Fill Your Box

Select items for your box, such as crayons, card games, puzzles or stickers. Refer to our Suggested Toy List for more ideas. Place toys in the box.


step 4 – Say Hello

Print the “Little Note From You” card. These can be printed on white cardstock. Write a personal note on the card and place it in the box.

Box Label Top

step 5 – Print Your Lid Label

Print the Box Label (top) – Logo. This template can be printed on Avery Labels 15264, or any standard white shipping labels, six per sheet, 3 1/3″ x 4″ label size. Place the Jared Box label on the lid of the box.

step 6 – Print Your Side Label

Print Box Label (side) – Boy/Girl. This template can be printed on Avery Labels 18163, or any standard white shipping labels, ten labels per page, 2″ x 4″ label size. Place the Boy/Girl label on the end of the box. Check the appropriate gender and age.

step 7 – Print Activity Sheet

For age groups older than toddler, print the Activity Sheet. Fold the sheet in half and add it to your box.

step 8 – Have Some Fun!

Decorate your box!  Our Lid Decoration Guide has lots of great examples. You can optionally use markers or stickers to decorate the outside of the box.

step 9 – Deliver Your Box

Deliver your boxes to your local hospital. Use our Hospital Directory to locate a hospital or deliver the boxes to your local hospital. If you would like to deliver your boxes to a new hospital not on our list, you may contact that hospital directly. The Child Life or Volunteer Services Departments usually handle donations.

step 10 – Let Us Know!

Complete the Jared Box Smiles Delivered form to let us know how many boxes you made and to what hospital you are delivering them.  If you are unable to complete the online form, send an email to

We love to receive suggestions, stories about your project, and pictures too!

Download everything you need to make a Jared Box!

Great Fun for Groups, too!

Make Jared Boxes a part of your next group or business team building exercise!

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