SCASD’s Middle School Delta Program Donates Jared Boxes

The students of State College Area School District Delta Program Middle School created 150 Jared Boxes. They held a toy drive and a coin drive to collect supplies to create Jared Boxes.

Kat Hoffman and Sarah Jones serve as the Delta Community Service Committee Advisors. Kat Hoffman stated, “The students in the Community Service Club were so excited they could make a real impact on others in our community, and it was a delight to see how hard they worked to make the all-middle school event happen.”

Kendall Lingenfelter and Grace Wede are Delta students that organized and spearheaded the Jared Box event.  Kendall Lingenfelter commented, “It felt great to know that we helped so many kids, and brightened their day! It was a really fun experience to organize, and I hope I get to do things like it in the future.” Grace Wede added, “I thought it was great to organize an all-school activity, especially one like Jared boxes. It was great to see the school working together to make Jared’s boxes. I am so happy to be one to organize it. I thought it was a great experience and I would love to do it again.”

Jon Downs, Program Director at Delta shared, “One of our main goals at The Delta Program is to develop thoughtful citizens who can learn how to serve others. This is a great example of putting this into practice through a school-based community service initiative.

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